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install shot Martin Place, Sydney  (2021)

Amelia Skelton / Andriana Carney / Caoife Power / Caroline Gasteen / Charles Levi / Claire de Carteret
Ebony Hickey / Emma Rani / Florentina Pergoleto / Helen Shelley / Lauren O'connor / Liam Taylor
Steph Tsumbourlas / Stuart Bailey / Zane Edwards



Hey! so this is a collection of artists that i admire, that inspire me to create, that bring me joy :)

Their idiosyncratic work delves deep into our shared human existence. They all tell their own story... their own narrative... share their own experiences... but they seemingly delve deep into our collective psyche. Well maybe it's just my psyche. Or maybe i just like art with faces on it... either way, they stare back at me, eyes or not, with emotion, love, even grief. They teach us who we are.

While some works have underlying sinister energies, or tell a not so ideal story... they all encapsulate what it means to be alive. They accept that by agreeing to be a human bean, you also sign up for all the shitty stuff. They accept that a down, a ditch, a hurdle, doesn't define you. They accept that it all makes you stronger. The past was the past. The now is the now. Tomorrow is a day, but by no means the most important.

They live. They breathe. They empower.

"I came 4 joy' was a joy for me to think about and put together. I hope it can be for you too.

- Jackson Farley

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install shot Martin Place, Sydney  (2021)

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